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Radio & TV Jingles

Designed to meet the specific music needs of your business, company or organisation. Theme Music and Soundtracks for TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries etc

JINGLE PACKAGE $1500 full price

Music Demo Production,Songwriting, Arranging and Production of songs for demonstration purposes, and for people/companies. We have very affordable prices without compromising the quality of your music.

  • Advertising Jingles
  • Novelty Jingles
  • Radio Jingles
  • TV Jingles
  • Radio Station IDs
  • Parody Jingles - from $190

What we do

The Jingle Factory, creates jingles for use on radio and television.

A catchy tune

A good catchy jingle is the perfect way to advertise your business. Have you ever had a song going around and around in your head? Imagine if that song going around in your head was telling people to spend their money with you?

Why use a jingle

Melodies and catchy lyric are used in advertising everywhere.  Who are the Fresh food people? You would find that hard to answer if it weren't for the Woolworths jingle.

What about this one? A Mars a day helps you...

Again most people will be able to sing that one out loud. Isn't it amazing how a jingle you haven't heard in years will instantly come back to you...both words and melody. 

Jingles work

Messages put to music is the quickest, most reliable way to get your message remembered.  People tune into radio stations to hear music. When they hear something else, they tune out. A jingle keeps listeners listening - because it's music. 

How much does a Jingle Package cost


All the jingles on our demo page" were part of  a jingle package which includes

  • A fully sung jingle
  • Both 30sec a 15sec versions
  • And a mixture of "Tops and Tails"  ( which leaves gaps with just music for voiceovers)

             eg: One Stop Industrial jingle on the demo page

No regrets

No one we have ever done work for, has ever regretted having a jingle produced   contact us 

Please click the Demo link to hear some of our work.