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Messages On Hold

Why Rent ? Complete systems $480

The Jingle Factory can supply an Message On Hold system, that is easy, affordable, convenient, and is a very effective way to advertise your business, while keeping your existing or potential customers interested in your business, and not hangup or get annoyed.

  • MESSAGE ON HOLD Equipment
    (2 year warranty on all equipment)
  • MESSAGE ON HOLD Royalty free background music (many styles to choose from)
  • MESSAGE ON HOLD Professional Voices (male or female and all ages)

Why Rent ? Complete Systems including machine $480


In those seconds that your existing, or potential customers are on hold, they can be told something about your business that they didn't know before.

  • What else does your business sell?
  • What other services you provide.
  • Trading hours
  • Location
  • Web address

Here at The Jingle Factory, we provide a convenient voice on hold service.

All you have to do is contact our friendly staff and we will do our very best to provide you with a system that suits your needs

It couldn't be simpler.

Why Pay A Monthly Fee ???????????

ALL FOR $480 (Including Machine)


 with free postage

Just contact us with any queries !